Rob Pattinson’s 8-mill “RAUNCHY!” Dior commercial :O

So on the radio today they said that the new commercial that has been shot, is a raunchy near naked rob in bed with four (or three, can’t remember) other women, & they are kissing….. with tongue !!

Like, oh my farking gosh, i will die if they don’t cut the good bits out, like seriously.

So anyways, there still editing it and stuff. All i ask is for Dior to give us the good bits, PLEAASEEE we BEG YOU to just give it all!! lol

Images & GIFS people. PLEASE!!

thank you! :)

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was frikkin AMAZEBALLZ!

loved it to the days! am going to watch it again tommorow!! yuussss, FREAK!

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